We help our clients prepare strategically for growth opportunities associated with; new products, changing markets, acquisitions and automation opportunities.

  • Apply a structured approach to assess challenges and identify pragmatic solutions
  • Establish and shape the optimal infrastructure for go-to-market, back office and front office operations.
  • Develop the strengths that differentiate high performing teams

Are you anticipating growth, planning a merger, new product launch, are changes in your market enabling an opportunity? Do you have your go to market processes in place to maximize this opportunity? Sales Coverage and Compensation, Billing, Credit, Collections –  Are your processes rigorous enough to support the growth you are anticipating? Will they ramp up at the right time, at the right speed? We can help you assess your goals, current state and develop a plan to ensure you are prepared to maximize your future.

Are you looking to add Lean Six Sigma thinking and structure to your work environment?   LSS is not just for manufacturing and supply chain, it can improve your commercialization processes by establishing sufficiently rigorous processes in launch, marketing, sales and sales enablement and billing. LSS is not just for large organizations, we can help you size it appropriately for a organizations of any size. Lean Six Sigma appropriately applied ensures not only an efficient process but a better process, one that is not only adopted but embraced.  A process embraced is far more successful than a process that is only adopted.

Are your teams performing at their highest level? Belbin® Profiles can help your teams improve their performance while maximizing the team members productivity and enjoyment. Let us lead your team(s) through a Belbin® Profile exercise and see your results improve while increasing employee satisfaction and motivation.   We will help each team member identify their strengths in a team environment and then to maximize these strengths and use them to move their work effort forward.